How I Spent My New Year's Eve - by Thayne Bohman

I barely slept at all this morning, spending the last two hours (of three in bed) tossing and turning most of the time.  Then, around 5:30, I got up and had breakfast.  Then I played some piano while I waited for my mom to get ready to take me over to a doctor's appointment I had at 7:30.  Once there, I filled out a bunch of paperwork and had the doctor test out my legs.  I've had a bad left knee for around six years now, ever since it moved out of place while I was limboing in a dance class back in my first year of college.  Finally decided I should do something about it.

After that appointment, I went to get my knee x-rayed, and didn't make it back home until around 11:00.  So I had lunch and watched some anime with my mom and brother.  Normally, the anime only comes after dinner, but we were already all up and eating at the same time, so I suggested we do it then.  Then I messed around on my computer, played some games, and fell asleep around 4 or so.

My mom woke me up to have some dinner before going to the church dance tonight.  The dance started at 9, but I didn't show up until a little after 10.  There were probably about 4-500 people at the dance, of whom I knew 3, sort of.  None were really my friends, and I've never been much of a dancer (despite taking the class), so I mostly just stood around and watched other people dance.  Then they started doing the limbo, and I got all depressed because that's what made my knee bad in the first place.  But I figured, it's been years since I really got to limbo (I don't think I've done it since the accident), and I used to be really good, and if I'm careful and pull out if my knee starts to hurt, then I think I'll be okay.

So after they'd already lowered the bar probably two feet from the starting position, and it was now at low chest or stomach level, I joined in.  My first run wasn't great, because I wasn't into it, and honestly it was still too high for me.  By the next time I went, it had dropped another foot or so, but I made it through easily.  After one more run, there was only me and one girl left, and they lowered it to just above my knees.  She went first, but bumped her chin on the bar, and they called it out.  I went through and cleared it with an inch or two to spare, so they declared me the winner.  Didn't get to see how low I could actually go.  I'm surprised my knee held out, though.  Didn't even hurt this time.

Anyway, I stuck around and ate some stuff there, watched everyone attempt to dance to Gangnam Style, and then decided to go home.  That was around 10:50.  When they started playing Cha-cha Slide, I left immediately.  I despise that "song."

So I got home around 11:20, talked to my parents a bit, changed out of my nice dance clothes, did some laundry, and have spent the last 45 minutes or so discussing the finer points of Windows 7 and 8 with a friend online.  And now it's past midnight.  So, yay?  Happy New Year, to those of you who care.  お正月おめでとうございます。