Otakon quickly approaches

I'll be going to my 5th Otakon tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon, right after class gets out.  I haven't had time to make any new costumes, unfortunately, so I'll be reusing some of my favorite ones from previous years.  This year, I'll be going as Arc from the DS remake of Final Fantasy III (Freelancer job) on Friday, and as Archer from Fate/Stay Night on Saturday.  Sunday will probably be plainclothes.

My plan this year is to get a ton of autographs from famous people.  I'm planning to get the English cast of Madoka to all sign the donation poster I got last year, along with Gen Urobuchi, the writer for the show.  I also want to get Ibuki Fuuko's voice actress to sign my copy of the Full Voice version of Clannad I have, right next to her picture in the manual.  There are a couple other people I'll try to catch as well, like Hirano Aya (Haruhi, etc.) if she's giving autographs.

I'll be in the Carnival Phantasm photoshoot on Saturday afternoon (1pm at the indoor fountains, moving to outdoor if weather is good) and the Fate one on the 3F terrace at 10.  If you go to Otakon, say hi if you see me!  I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures of the con, and I'll post some of the best ones at least on here.

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