Once again, back to Japan

I've been working out a plan for the past several months to return to Japan yet again, and it's finally coming close to time. On the 30th of August, I'll be flying out with a friend to spend a month in Japan.  This time, I don't have any classes to take or tourguides to follow.  It's just us doing what we want to for a whole month.

For the first couple weeks, we'll be staying most of the time with the same friend I stayed with two years ago, only now we'll be in Utsunomiya instead of Yokkaichi.  We haven't nailed down all the details, but we do plan to visit Tokyo for a few days, as well as Nikko, and if we can manage them, Kyoto and Osaka.

For the last two weeks, I'll be instead staying with my brother's family on his vacation, after my friend returns to the U.S.  That will be mostly around Tokyo with Kyoto towards the end.  So this time, I'll be the tourguide.  The friend who lives there speaks and reads Japanese at a fairly high level which can help in the beginning, but the one coming with me only knows a little, and my brother's family knows none.  So by then, it will be up to me to handle all the foreign interactions.  All of them.  I'm a little nervous about that.

I'll definitely be maintaining this blog as much as I can while I'm gone, so look forward to it.  And in the meantime, Otakon is coming up as well, so I'll try to actually post some pictures this year.

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