Coming ever closer

Only 3 weeks left before I leave, and most of that time is going to be extremely busy.  I still have 4 finals to take (I finished 2 classes yesterday), and of course I still have to finish preparing everything for the trip. Got to register for the credits I'll be taking - I plan to do that today or tomorrow - and go to the orientation this Saturday.  Then I've got a bunch of stuff I should buy before I leave, like a new backpack.  I've needed one for years, because my current one is falling apart and hardly closes anymore.  I'll definitely need something better if I'm traveling.  So busy, and I am so not ready... >_<

By the way, what do you think of the background?  Too flashy/gaudy?  I chose it since it's summery, and related to Japan, so... yeah.  And it was big enough to fill the space.

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  1. It's good, the layout is still nice and readable.