Host family information GET!

With less than 2 days left before I leave, I finally got my host family's information.  It looks like I'm going to be having a fun time with them. :)  It's a young couple (early-mid 30s) and their small son.  He should be especially fun.  I always like little kids (provided they aren't constantly yelling and screaming.  At me.  Occasionally is fine).

They put down two things as their "interests/favorite activities:" Piano and reading.  Now I definitely have to bring a lot of my sheet music to play while I'm there.  They must have matched us up because I also listed both of those as my interests, piano first.  They also say they have a dog, parakeet, and blowfish (?).  Not sure why you'd have one of those, but okay.  Almost the whole self-introduction sheet is in Japanese, so there are a few things I can't read, but most of it I can manage.  Mine was almost all in English, so I wonder how well they could read mine.

Apparently, I'm supposed to bike 20 minutes to school each day.  Hopefully they'll be providing the bike and helmet. <_<  I'd half hoped I would be taking the train, just to get to experience that whole thing, but biking is fine, too, and should be a lot easier to get used to.  I just hope it's not a hard ride, or I'll end up sweaty and tired every morning before I even start classes, and that definitely won't be fun.  On the plus side, it's free, and I don't have to worry about train schedules.

Alright, so now I need to be sure to pick up some sort of small toy for the kid.  I plan to do most of my packing today, and go out shopping tomorrow for some omiyage.  I'm getting so excited!  I haven't been able to calm down for a week!

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  1. im excited for you! sounds like you will have a good match with the host family. enjoy and keep us all updated :-)