Days 25 and 26: Typhoon and flower arrangement

This post was written yesterday (Wednesday), but I didn't post it because I didn't have the pictures on my computer yet.

I spent yesterday after school holed up in my room.  In the afternoon, maybe around 5:00, Hiroto came in and pulled metal shutters over the outside of the window, so I couldn't really see anything that was happening outside.  All the windows in the house were blocked off, and I didn't really want to open the front door in case I'd get pelted with rain or something.  And at the time he closed everything, nothing was going on.  During dinner, though, around 8:00, we could hear the shutters rattling pretty hard.  Either that or something hitting them hard.  I'm not entirely clear on what it was, but I know there was at least a lot of rain, and I could hear the wind sometimes, too.  It really wasn't that exciting.  It seems like the people here are all used to it.  Aside from blocking off the windows, all that really happened was that I got a bit wet on my way home, and Ranmaru got sent home from school early.  In the morning, everything was a little damp still, but it wasn't raining, and it didn't seem particularly windy.  So that's about it for that.

Class today was spent working on our final project, including interviewing students and making a poster.  Tomorrow looks like it'll be largely finishing up the poster.

Today's cultural activity was flower arrangement.  We were given two roses with very long stems, two branches, and a basin of water with a thing with needles in it to hold the flowers up (by stabbing them on the needles).  There was a specific way we were supposed to arrange them all, selecting a larger branch, trimming the flowers to different heights, and adding in a few small branches (twigs) to help blend it.  The placement was also pretty specific.  Anyway, the teacher liked my arrangement.  After the activity was over (it only lasted about half an hour) they let us take the flowers and branches home, but not the water basins to hold them in.  So all the arranging was undone and they stuck them in newspaper bouquet wrappers to carry back.  I gave it to my family.

Everyone's flower arrangements.

A closer look at the one behind me.

My arrangement, from the front.

And from the side.

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