Days 34-36: Preparation for departure and farewell

Once again, not a whole lot to say about these days.  I didn't end up going out and doing anything exciting, although I did go into downtown Yokkaichi with Charlie for dinner last night.  He took me out to a Chinese place.  It helps that he speaks Chinese.  There were actually a lot of Chinese people on the street there, too.  It wasn't exactly a great neighborhood, but we were okay.

I did get out some to do shopping and such, but otherwise I've mostly been at home preparing to leave.  I'm going to do one last bit of shopping this morning at Book Off and see if I can find a couple of good mangas with Charlie's help.  I haven't bought any yet, but they've got really cheap ones, and reading will definitely help to improve my vocabulary.

After that's done, I'll get to the train station around 11:00 for the 11:13 train, and start my journey back home.  It should take roughly 25 hours.  That's a long trip.  I've got three train rides, followed by three plane rides and a car ride before I get home.  I'll be bringing my two suitcases, which each now weigh in at about 48 pounds, and my backpack, at about 25 pounds.  At least the weight is a little better distributed than when I came to Charlie's house, but it'll still be a pain lugging it all around.

Okay, I'm going to finish up the last-minute packing (like with this laptop) and head out.  It's been fun here in Japan.  I hope to return someday.  Bye!

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